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House flippers love what we’ve got and there are thousands of house flippers out there. With all the house flipping shows, real estate coaching webinars and just a great way to make a lot of cash if you know how to flip homes, this is a popular niche.

Usually house flippers look to hard money lenders for getting financing for a house. Hard money can be very expensive and house flippers will only get up to 80% of the money that they actually need.

So…whether a house flipper is getting a hard money loan or not, unsecured lines of credit from Fundwise is always a great option. Also, the credit lines can be used to improve the home. When the home sells, the credit lines are paid off and they can be used for the next house flip.

How To Find House Flippers

There are many ways. From the previous strategies you’ve received, you’ll know how to find house flippers through Meetup.com groups, local real estate seminars and conventions, Spyfu.com and

Similarweb.com and plain old Google. Don’t forget about Linkedin groups and Facebook groups.

This niche can be killer amazing for you. Also, the opportunities for repeat business and long term relationships is very likely. One major benefit to you will be upgrading to the Business Builder if you haven’t yet so you can refer other real estate seminar groups.

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