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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means manipulating and optimizing your website and other websites linking to you so you can rank higher in Google search results.

Local SEO is optimizing your website so others who live locally will see your website show up when they search for what you offer. If you live in Atlanta Georgia and your website is about unsecured credit lines, your website will hopefully show up when people search for unsecured credit lines in Atlanta.

The downside to SEO is that Google will often change their algorithms so your rankings will move up and down or disappear! Also, SEO just takes time and work.

The upside with SEO is if you take the time to create quality content and that is valuable to visitors to your website, Google will also most likely see it being valuable as well and you should be safe from algorithm changes. Also, once you’re website is ranking well, the traffic will start to flow and so will the money pretty much on autopilot.

There’s not enough time to go through how to do SEO, but I want to direct you to some valuable resources where you can learn plenty about how to get some good rankings.

Moz.com is one of the top authorities on how to do SEO. They have a great ‘Beginner’s Guide to SEO
and you can find that right here.

SearchEngineland.com is another good resource. There’s a nice little video explanation that you can watch here.

Have you ever heard the term ‘Growth Hacking‘? A Growth Hacker is kind of a new cool term for marketers finding tricks and strategies that drive massive amounts of traffic quickly to your website.

There is an very comprehensive online course called The SEO Checklist that you can get free access to with a whole bunch of these tricks and strategies.

You can actually get an idea of what amount of traffic is going to other websites by using my all time favorite site, Spyfu.com.

For example, if you type in Lendingtree.com in the search box, you’ll see the amount of ‘Organic Search’ traffic or ‘SEO’ traffic in the left column. Lending Tree is ranking for around 49,000 keywords and gets about 1.3 million clicks a month to their site.

I wouldn’t ever compare your website to Lending Tree since they are a major corporation with many employees and SEO experts and have been around for a long time.

But…what if you were getting 50 visits a day to your website and visitors were converting to a lead at 10%. You would be getting 5 leads every day to your website which would likely equate to a couple thousand dollars a week in commissions almost completely on auto pilot.

That’s an exciting thought, right?

We wish you the best of success and we’re looking forward to your success stories.

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