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Get a deal or two a month from your local Craigslist listing

Craigslist is actually how I started generating leads for funding. Before that I was generating leads for credit repair and it did very well.

Craigslist can be tricky though. They have their own algorithm that changes often and there are things like “Ghosting” where you get an email confirmation that your ad is live and your ad actually doesn’t go live and is nowhere to be found.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to post all over the country and getting a bunch of email accounts and phone numbers to get dozens of ads up everyday. It’s just not worth the hassle and it doesn’t comply with Craigslist rules.

What is worth it though, is you can post a lead locally to get a handful of leads through. You can re-post your ad to bring it to the top every couple days.

Make sure you post in the largest closest city.

Also if you have a local news website or other local group that is popular with classifieds, those can do well too.

We have KSL.com here in Utah which gets a lot more eye balls than the local Craigslist cities.

We’d love to hear about your success stories! Let us know how it’s going.

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Sample Craigslist Ad

Title: Up to $250k Business Funding at 0% Interest For 9-15 Months (Startups OK)

Body: We have some great funding options right now for startups and small business owners.

Get up to $250k in unsecured lines at 0% interest for 9-15 months and personal term loans starting at 7% to start or grow your business. Business term loans and LOCs are available for up to $500k.

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