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One of my favorite stories from a very successful multi-million dollar affiliate marketer is of a guy who hired a team in the Philippines. He had a team of 2 or 3 people in the Philippines setting up review websites.

He was just getting his team going when his pregnant wife got sick and had to stay in bed while he took care of kids for almost three months. He all but completely forgot about his team in the Philippines.

When he finally checked in with them 3 months later expecting they had moved on to other work, he learned that his team had built up his affiliate business and his revenue had increased substantially.

The next year, this entrepreneur had a 7 figure year with a team of a few Filipinos. Philipinos are incredibly hard working, very trustworthy and humble. There are so many looking for work and when they get the opportunity to work online, they absolutely love it. It’s a great opportunity for their family as well.

Now, where do you find potential candidates? OnlineJobs.ph is my top choice. I’ve used this site to hire a few people and had a great experience. The average pay was $2 USD per hour which is an average hourly pay for them.

OnlineJobs.ph charges a small monthly subscription for you to have access to the contact info of everyone on the website. You can post a job, interview candidates and find someone you really like to work for you.

Here Are A Few Ideas For Your Marketing Employee To Do To Get The Creative Juices Flowing

  • Create websites and generate leads with SEO
  • Link building with your landing page link
  • Respond to questions on social media sites and question sites with your landing page
  • Collect emails to use for email campaigns

Here’s an awesome website from the entrepreneur I was talking about who makes millions a year through virtual assistants and outsourcing. You’ll learn some great stuff without signing up for their training. If you’ve read the ‘4 Hour Workweek’ this is a great way to accomplish a four hour work week.

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