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Affiliate marketing is when you promote other peoples products. In a real basic form, that’s what Fundwise Partners is.

There are a lot of business related affiliate products. You can go on to Clickbank.com and look at all the offers on there.

Offervault is another place where you can find a lot of business related affiliate programs.

If you need to create an offer and have something to sell up front to break even and generate leads at the same time, you can use other peoples products to sell in order to build up a list.

Here’s an example to make this more clear.

If you are going after startups, there are affiliate programs where you can make money by sending startups to websites that offer incorporation or setting up LLCs.

Let’s say it costs $50 to get a sale and the LLC company pays a $60 commission. You now made $10 and you have a lead to send over to Fundwise.

After a business gets incorporated, they are most likely in a great position to get funding. Startups always need money and they don’t know where to go.

If you can generate free leads, it’s time to scale and things get really exciting.

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