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How It Works

1. If you know a business owner or have leads of business owners who have had a small business for a few years, you can mention project blue.

2. Refer those individuals to fill out the *5 question form.

3. Project Blue takes over and you’ll be paid commission for each referral that receives money. The process can take 2-4 months and commissions are paid out once a month. That can take some time, but fill up your pipeline and commissions can come once a month.

There’s no easier sell than finding ‘Free Money’ for business owners and getting paid just as much as you would on funding deals, sometimes more.

Also, did we mention this can be recurring commissions? Project Blue has a 96% retention rate which means each year a business that went through Project Blue and received money can go through that same service once a year.

That means you can earn a commission from that same business, once a year. How AWESOME is that!

*You will get your own referral link to the 5 question form discussed in the article inside the members area when you become a Fundwise referral partner.