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Previously we explained how powerful email is as a lead gen strategy and how email is still one of the top lead gen strategies period. Now I want to explain how you can quickly build up an email list by just browsing the web.

Found.ly is a powerful tool that will collect emails of potential referrals, puts the emails in an email marketing campaign created by you and runs those emails until your potential referrals end up clicking on the link to get to your landing page to start the application process.

One thing you can do is go into Linkedin and browse profiles of startups and house flippers and collect their emails into your HubSpot.com tool to be automatically emailed.

This tool can allow you to have a lot of freedom. All you need to do is prospect and collect emails and let your HubSpot.com email system take care of the rest.

What could be even more powerful is to learn this process of collecting emails yourself first. Then, once you get the process down, you can hire a virtual assistant through OnlineJobs.ph like we showed you in a previous strategy email so you can outsource this entire process and automate your Fundwise Partner business.

Also, if you are not a Business Builder with Fundwise Partners, you’ll definitely want to make sure you upgrade your account. Finding other potential Fundwise Partners is even easier using this strategy of

HubSpot.com and outsourcing so you can get paid on deals from an unlimited number of other partners that you find.

The opportunities are endless.

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