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Do you watch YouTube videos? Of course you do. What about YouTube videos related to starting a business or making some dough?

Millions of people every day are watching gurus and taking advice everyday about how to make money. Fundwise has received many clients from YouTube videos.

Here are some ideas for you…

Look up some gurus like Russel Brunson, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk (if you aren’t offended by explicit language) and there are many others. Find the videos with the most views and look at the title. Model what they are doing with that video and start up your own video blog (VLOG).

What’s cool about YouTube videos is you make the video once and then it’s up online forever collecting views. Add a link to your landing page with a nice description on each video. You could be getting leads for years to come.

Also, another idea…there are many abandoned YouTube channels out there related to finance. You can contact the owner of the abandoned channel through YouTube and offer to buy their channel for $20 or so.

Some people will be happy to make a few unexpected extra dollars and then you’ll have access to their channel and all their videos. Once you have access, you can then add your landing page link to the videos that are stilling getting views every day. Add some of your own videos and build up the subscribers and the audience. This can give you a great head start.

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