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There’s a good chance you’re going to find a BIG FISH as you are prospecting and networking. A big fish would be a large seminar company or business services company for example that wants to implement financing into their business model.

They may have thousands to even millions of customers in their database.

Partners like these will want to talk to owners and execs at Fundwise.

If you find a large company that is interested in implementing our funding program, let us know right away and we’ll close the deal for you and you’ll still get the credit for it.

We’ll even maintain the relationship for you.

With big partners, there’s a fair amount of negotiation involved along due diligence and testing. These larger deals can take months to close but when it works, it’s incredible for you.

To contact us, call us at 888-741-0441 and choose the extension that goes to the partner department or ask for someone in the Fundwise Partners Department.

As a Fundwise partner you can chat with us online or email mitch@fundwisecapital.com or payton@fundwisecapital.com

Some ideas of large partners are real estate coaching companies, inline marketing coaching companies, business services companies that incorporate businesses, provide print services, etc.

To Your Success,

The Fundwise Partners Team

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