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Here’s A “Sneak- Peek” Inside The Members Area Of The High Paying Affiliate Program That Can Put $800-$1,000 Per Deal In Your Pocket By Sharing A Link

Fundwise is dedicated to helping referral partners succeed in generating leads and deals from step by step proven marketing strategies and tracking tools. The articles below are selected training modules from the members area.

Each one is truly pure marketing gold and is representative of the many, many more resources that you will have unrestricted access to when you become a member. You may want to bookmark this page as more will be added.

How To Quickly Build Up An Email List

Previously we explained how powerful email is as a lead gen strategy and how email is still one of the top lead gen strategies period. Now I want to explain how you can quickly build up an email list by just browsing the web. Found.ly is a powerful tool...

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Largest Professional Social Network

If you guessed I'm talking about Linkedin, you guessed right. Your target audience is on Linkedin. This is a place where you can connect with MILLIONS of entrepreneurs. The way we are going to connect with them is through Linkedin Groups. There are plenty...

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Large Referral Opportunities

There's a good chance you're going to find a BIG FISH as you are prospecting and networking. A big fish would be a large seminar company or business services company for example that wants to implement financing into their business model. They may have...

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Automate Traffic And Leads With SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means manipulating and optimizing your website and other websites linking to you so you can rank higher in Google search results. Local SEO is optimizing your website so others who live locally will see your...

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A Hot Niche That Loves Funding!

House flippers love what we've got and there are thousands of house flippers out there. With all the house flipping shows, real estate coaching webinars and just a great way to make a lot of cash if you know how to flip homes, this is a popular niche....

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The Most Popular Online Marketing Channel

Most people may think Adwords or Facebook when talking about the most widely used form of online advertising, but it's not either of those. Email marketing is still the most popular and cost effective if used correctly. You'll find different numbers across...

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Finding Unlimited Leads Through Facebook Groups

How amazing would it be to work from your laptop or phone anywhere in the world and on your own schedule? Generating referrals and leads online is exactly how you can do that. Facebook Groups is a great way to find entrepreneurs, small business owners,...

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Find A Full Time Marketing Employee For $80 A Week!

One of my favorite stories from a very successful multi-million dollar affiliate marketer is of a guy who hired a team in the Philippines. He had a team of 2 or 3 people in the Philippines setting up review websites. He was just getting his team going when...

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How To Use YouTube To Generate Referrals

Do you watch YouTube videos? Of course you do. What about YouTube videos related to starting a business or making some dough? Millions of people every day are watching gurus and taking advice everyday about how to make money. Fundwise has received many...

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Get a deal or two a month from your local Craigslist listing Craigslist is actually how I started generating leads for funding. Before that I was generating leads for credit repair and it did very well. Craigslist can be tricky though. They have their own...

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